New to Medicare – Start Here

group of senior citizens holding a thumbs up sign outside in front of a tree

If you are new to Medicare, then you may be feeling confused and unsure about the complex enrollment process.  The number of plan options available is surprising to most Seniors. This may leave you feeling unsure of which one to choose.  Our mission at Thriving Seniors is to help you learn everything you need to know about Medicare and all of you coverage options so that you can choose a plan that’s best for your individual needs.

You’re probably visiting this page because you are turning 65 or eligible for Medicare due to a disability.  Or, maybe you are helping a friend or relative enroll for the first time.

At the present time you may be retiring, still working, receiving military or federal benefits, on Medicaid, or in another situation.  Whatever the case may be, we are here to guide you through your enrollment process. 

Furthermore, we promise to make your enrollment process as quick and as painless as possible. 


Learning about Medicare doesn’t need to be confusing.  If you need help, we are happy to walk you through your enrollment process.  In addition to this, we will help you setup your plan and advise you on how to avoid late enrollment penalties.  Most importantly, we will make your enrollment process as quick and painless as possible.


Thriving Seniors is here to help you with your enrollment process. Our services are 100% free of charge! Call us today at 1-808-650-5939 to speak with a licensed, independent insurance agent. You can also contact us via email by filling out our form on our contact us page.

We are located in Honolulu, HI and licensed in multiple states. Our services are by appointment and are offered in person, over the phone, or by video call. We look forward to helping you!